My SSAS: The decision to retire from 26 years of corporate life while still in my mid-40s was enshrined on the principle of wanting to spend more time with my family and friends, to live life on my own terms and to build a multi-generational legacy for my children based on solid principles of entrepreneurship.


The final ‘severing of the umbilical cord’ of corporate life was to consider my options on my pensions that I had accumulated over the years. I was no longer happy to allow others to dictate and control my wealth and direction, hence I set about considering the options available for taking control of my pensions.


My wife, 2 great friends, Nigel and Annette and I became Trustees of our Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) in 2016. Since then we have acquired 2 commercial properties and have been extremely active.


We have set up a collaborative Facebook Group ‘SSAS Alliance' which has almost 1,700 like-minded SSAS Trustees and investors collaboratively sharing their expertise and experiences.

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